Terms and Conditions for Skrova Island Bike

  • A city bike subscription is personal.
  • You are responsible for the bike from when you pick it up from a station until you have delivered back to a station.
  • Pay attention and follow traffic rules.

Skrova City Bike is developed and operated by Urban Sharing AS (US), in cooperation with SOPS. To start using the bikes, you must buy a subscription, and register with a valid telephone number. The service works as described in About Skrova City Bike. By this, you enter into an agreement with US which is subject to the following terms and conditions for purchase, use and privacy:

How Skrova Island Bike works

1.1 Skrova Island Bike offers bicycles for personal use in Skrova. The bikes are available in city bike stations at various locations in the city and are to be placed back in such a station at the end of the trip. Overview of available stations can be found on the Skrova Island Bike website and in the system app (available for  iPhone and Android).

1.2 To access the city bike system, you must register a phone number and a subscription associated with an active debit card.

1.3 Registration and purchase are made on our website or in our app. You can also activate a subscription by redeeming a value code.

1.4 A subscription provides full access to the service during the subscription period. The type of subscription that is available for sale, including different prices and duration, may vary.

1.5 An active subscription allows subscribers to unlock bikes using the app.

1.6 You can always return a bike, even when the system is closed for borrowing bikes.

1.7 You may terminate the use of the service at any time and delete your registered personal information.


2.1 You must be 15 years or older to use Skrova Island Bike. If you are under 18, you must have written authorization from a guardian.

2.2 Subscriptions are personal and cannot be transferred or resold. This includes sharing login details for the app, or sharing unlock codes for use on the display screens at stations.

2.3 You can only have one subscription at a time.

2.4 You can only be logged in to one app at a time.

2.5 You can only take one bike at a time.

2.6 You can have your bike for up to 120 minutes at no extra cost before you have to lock it at a station.

2.7 Subscriptions do not allow access to city bike services in other cities, unless otherwise stated when purchased or when you received a value code.

2.8 The construction season and opening hours are specified on the How Skrova Island Bike Works page on the website.

2.9 The facility may close in whole or in part at short notice, for example due to weather/road conditions or special events in the city.


3.1 You are responsible for ensuring that your registered contact information is correct at all times.

3.2 You are responsible for checking that the bike is in proper condition before using it. Check brakes and lights.

3.3 Show consideration in traffic and follow the traffic rules. You are personally responsible for any damage you may cause to yourself or others while cycling.

3.4 You are responsible for returning the bike to a station on time. See information about deadlines in How Skrova Island Bike Works

3.5 You are responsible for ensuring that the bike is securely locked at the end of the trip. This means to:

  • Ensure the rack is not broken before you park your bike. Do not force the bike into the rack.
  • Make sure you can not pull the bike out of the rack.

3.6 If you dispose of the bike without locking it in a station, it will be solely your responsibility. If the bicycle is stolen, you are liable for damages and you must immediately report the theft to US. You also undertake to collaborate with US on filling in a police report.

3.7 If something unforeseen should happen, including accident or loss of a bicycle, you are obliged to contact US as soon as possible.

Extended rental

4.1 If you wish to borrow the bike for longer than the included 45 minutes, the “extended rental” option must be turned on. You can do this in the app or on your profile on our website. You will then be able to ride for up to 6 hours extra (total of 6 hours and 45 minutes).

4.2 Extended rental requires a valid payment card associated with your profile, and costs NOK 5 per each additional 15 minutes initiated, which will be charged to your card after the trip has ended.

You can not turn the “extended rental option” on or off during your borrow period. If you remove your payment card from your account, the extended rental option will be turned off.

4.3 When the maximum borrow time has been used, the same rules apply for late delivery as for trips without extended rental.

Pause trip

5.1 If you are using the app to access the service, you can lock the bike to itself during the borrow period.

5.2 The bike continues to remain in your responsibility, even if the trip is paused. The duration of time during which the bike is locked outside a station is counted within the time limits/deadlines of the borrow period.

5.3 The “paused” bike must only be placed somewhere suitable for bicycle parking. Always follow any signage and referrals that may be present in the area where you wish to park.

Late delivery

6.1 Upon late delivery of the bicycle, you will receive a warning. Warnings are sent via SMS to your phone number and are visible in the app and on the website. If you return the bike late two times, your access to Skrova Island Bike will be blocked and you will not be able to unlock bikes or buy new subscription.

6.2 A warning remains in effect for one year from when it was given before it is automatically reset.

6.3 Contact US immediately if you believe you have received an incorrect warning or your subscription has been incorrectly blocked.

Loss of bike

7.1 If the bike is lost, stolen or destroyed and thus not available to other members, you are liable. After 14 days you will be charged NOK 7,500. The amount will be deducted from your registered debit card after notification from US. If you have not registered a payment card, you will be billed.

7.2 If you are under 18, the guardian is liable for damages.

Misuse of the service

8.1 In the event of abuse of the service, US may permanently block your access to Skrova Island Bike.