Skrova Islandbike

Skrova Islandbike allows you to experience wonderful Skrova from the bike seat, simple and straightforward. You can rent a bike for up to 3 hours at a time, pause and lock the bike along the way and organize it all through the app on your phone.

How to get started

1. Download the Skrova City Bike app

2. Follow the registration and add payment card

3. Choose the product that suits you best

4. Unlock a bike

5. Put the bike back in the rack after the trip and check the app for confirmation that it has been delivered

How do I unlock a city bike?

You unlock a city bike through the app. In the app you'll get an overview of where the stations are, and how many bikes and locks that are available on each of them. You can download the app for both iPhone and Android. In order to unlock a bike you need to stand next to a station:

1. See to that the station that shows up in the app is the same one that you're standing next to

2. Press Unlock bike

3. The app will show you what dock your bike is stationed in

4. Go to the bike and press the button on the handlebars if prompted. It may take up to 40 seconds after you press the button to unlock.

5. Take the bike out of the dock

Have a great ride 🚴

How do I park a city bike?

When locking a bike you simply roll it into the dock. In order to check if the bike is in fact registered as delivered, see to that the bike:

1. Plays a little jingle

2. The light in front of the bike will blink green

3. The light in the back of the bike will stop blinking red

4. Most important: The app will tell you that "the bike has been returned", and show you the name of the bike, the station you biked to and from and how long the trip lasted.

When can I start cycling?

The Island Bikes are available for unlock between 5 am and 1 am. You can park in a station at any time. Enjoy!

Can I pause the trip?

During your trip you will have the possibility to pause the trip, this could be helpful for situations where you need to have a quick break to head by the local shop. To pause the trip:

1. When you have an active trip the button "Pause trip" will appear on the app screen.

2. Press the pause button.

Wait until the light in the front starts blinking blue, afterwards press the lock pin downwards. (Make sure that the lock is not colliding with the wheel oaks, as you won't be able to push the lock pin all the way down.) When the light in the front appears green then the bike is in pause mode.

The bike is now in pause mode, until you decide to resume the trip. This can easily be done by pressing the unlock/unpause button in the app.

The lock pin will then automatically pop up again, and you may continue your ride. 🚴

N.B: The included rental will be ongoing when the bike is in pause, as well as your responsibility for the bike

Do I have to pay with my smartphone?

No, entering your mobile number and verification code is only to confirm who you are. The payment is by payment card (Visa or MasterCard).

I have received a gift card. How do I get started?

Lucky you! Redeem your value code here on the web site or in the app, and follow the steps. In the app you simply redeem it by going to the very bottom of the list under Subscriptions and pressing "Redeem value code".

Are the bikes electric?


Do I need a Norwegian mobile number?

No, you can register and unlock a bike with a foreign number. The only thing you have to do is to manually select your country code.

Why didn’t I receive a code by SMS?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes before the SMS code comes through. Wait and retry if you experience problems.

The purpose of the SMS code is to verify that it’s you. The personal PIN-code can be made when you are logged in to your account and can be used directly on the stations to unlock a bike.

More people who are going to cycle together?

The bike rental is personal and each individual must download the app and register on their phone. The same bank card can be used in several apps, if you are, for example, a family who will be cycling together.

I have further questions!

Send us a message here on this page or in the app. You may also send an email to post@oslobysykkel.no We love hearing from you and will answer you as fast as we can!