Extended Rental

  • If you want to have trips longer than 180 minutes
  • Lets you have the bike an additional 6 hours
  • Costs NOK 5 per 15 minute extention
  • The amount is charged to your saved payment card

What is extended rental?

If you want to keep a bike for more than the included minutes, you’ll get chrged for the extended rental. It lets you have the bike for up to 6 more hours, at a cost of NOK 5 per 15 minute extension. This means that the maximum trip duration is 6 hours, with a maximum price of NOK 60.


  • The payment card used when you bought your subscription will be charged for extended rental.
  • Receipts for the payments can be found under your profile on skrovaoysykkel.no.
  • There you also may change or remove your payment card.
  • If you remove your payment card, you loose access to the service.


  • You will receive an SMS notifying you about 5 minutes before the 180 included minutes runs out.
  • On the trips where you go over 180 minutes, you’ll get an SMS when the trip ends. There you’ll get a summary of how much your card will be charged.
  • You will also get an SMS if you return your bike too late.

What happens if I return the bike too late?

  • If you return a bike too late, you’ll get a warning. This warning is visible in the app and when you log in to skrovaoysykkel.no.
  • If you’re too late a second time, your account will be blocked.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions, in the app or by sending an email to post@oslobysykkel.no.